Live Chat

I’m really excited to be able to offer informal, live online chat sessions with you, so we can talk about anything you might need help with while  you’re taking the Quilt Making 101 class. I am using a service provided by UStream TV.

The instructions on how to get signed up are easy. You will  want to create your login prior to the first session.

To create a login, go to

In the upper right hand corner, next to the big green “Broadcast Now” button, there is a link that says “Sign Up”. Click on that and it will take you to the registration page. Create a New Account by filling in all of the necessary info. Give yourself a login name so I can identify you during the live session.

Keep your username and password handy so you don’t miss out on any of the Chat sessions.

Then, on the date and time advertised on my main classroom page,  go to this URL —
This will take you to my channel on the UStream online network. (You can Bookmark this link once you get there so you can have instant access to it on chat days.)

Here’s what you will see:


You will be in our audience and ready to chat with others watching the Quilt Making 101 Chat broadcast online. I will be LIVE (video and audio) on your computer screen, and you will be able to ask me any questions, or comment on what you’re working on – and discover what other students are doing too. If you have any pictures that you would like me to see and comment on during the chat, please email them to me prior to the chat session.

Unfortunately this is a live chat and since it is a combination of video, audio, and text, it requires YOU to make the event a success. We do not archive them or provide them as transcripts as this would defeat the purpose of a LIVE chat. Recordings of such events only encourage you NOT to participate.

On the other hand, if there is something included in the chat that I think should be shared with all students taking the class, I will make sure that everyone knows about. Examples would be corrections in the lecture, patterns, or technique. Clarifications and answers to individual questions will most likely not be shared outside of the chats.

These chats are an attempt to give students access to me to answer their questions. If you are unable to attend a chat, please don’t feel left out; you may still be able to reach me by email and by posting comments online.