A Sampler Quilt Of Basic Blocks and Techniques
Taught As An Online Class In Ten Lessons

Taught By Annie Smith


Registration for Spring 2011 is NOW OPEN

Are you ready to graduate from tied-sheet quilts and stack-and-whack-style quilts to pieced and appliquéd quilts? Here's your chance! Using a formal lesson book, "Quilts! Quilts! Quilts!" by authors Diana McLund and Laura Nownes, Annie Smith will take you through the basics of quilt making. The result will be this beautiful sampler quilt you see above.

Annie has been teaching these methods for over twenty years and now YOU can benefit from her hands-on approach in the comfort of your own home!



Some of the Many Things You Will Learn

Making this sampler quilt, you will learn the basics of nine-patch block making techniques and fine machine appliqué. By making this quilt, you are sure to learn and practice new skills that you can transfer to other projects in the years to come.

With the Quilt Making 101 Sampler quilt, you will learn:
• Expert fabric selection
• The basics of quilt block layout and design
• Butted-seams for perfect joining
• 9-patch block making, assembly line style
• Sewing curves
• Basic hand appliqué
• Simple Y-seam construction
• Borders, sashing, and binding
• Basic hand quilting technique


What You Can Expect as a Part of This Class

This class goes beyond normal online or classroom-in-a-book-style lesson. I don’t want to ship you a book of text and pictures and then send you on your way. That is a recipe for failure.

Here are some of the helps you receive as a part of this class:
• Diana McLund and Laura Nownes fantastic book, Quilts! Quilts! Quilts! for use with the online demonstrations (priced separately - see below)

• Downloadable templates and basic written instruction
• Online video demonstrations for each block
• Weekly scheduled online video chats and feedback sessions (I plan to offer separate, convenient chat times for different time zones worldwide - in English only)
• Email images of your work for evaluation and feedback
• Online commenting forum and feedback for students to share ideas
• Complete materials lists for the quilt


How the Lessons Work

From May 14 and through the next three months, registered users will be able to access all ten lessons which are the Quilt Making 101 class. You can login, view, and review each lesson as many times as you would like during this three month period.

While we suggest that you follow a structure of one lesson per week, the three month period will allow you accomplish two or more lessons in a single week and with an opportunity to take a break for a week, if you need.

As you do the work outlined in each lesson, you can attend students-only, live, online chat sessions with Annie Smith. In these sessions, you will watch Annie via live video while she answers your questions and speaks with you and other students about the techniques and concepts taught in the lessons. These online lessons will happen at least three times during the class period.


Your Computer and Internet Connection Are Key!

Quilting Stash Classroom is compatible with standard computer Internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox. Use a Mac or a PC, it doesn't matter. If you have watched video on your computer before, you should already be set-up to view the videos produced for our classes.

You should have a fast Internet connection such as DSL or cable modem access. Dial-up modem access will not be fast enough to download these large files without frustration.

Before signing-up for the class, view the introduction videos and make sure they work well on your computer. Refunds will not be given to students who cannot view the video due to download speed problems.

Class Outline and Schedule

Here is what we will cover each week:
Lesson 1: Intro and Choosing Fabrics
Lesson 2: Rail Fence Block
Lesson 3: Nine Patch and Log Cabin Blocks
Lesson 4: Madison House and Madison Tree Blocks
Lesson 5: Heart and Postage Stamp Blocks
Lesson 6: Drunkard's Path Block
Lesson 7: Attic Window and Bow-Tie (Spool) Blocks
Lesson 8: Kaleidoscope and 54-40 or Fight Blocks AND Wild Goose Chase Variation and Sawtooth Star Blocks
Lesson 9: T Block and Bear's Paw Blocks
Lesson 10: Putting it All Together


Lesson 1 Available To Everyone!

That's right, Lesson One is available to EVERYONE for evaluation. This will give you a good idea about the video and presentation quality for this class. When you see it, you will agree, our lessons are very understandable and enjoyable to watch.

Lessons 2 - 10 are viewable only to registered students of the class.

Questions and Answers

Q: Does the registration fee include fabric and other supplies?
A: No, it includes only the access to the lectures, notes, templates, and teacher communication as a part of the class. You provide the fabric and other materials.

Q: If I miss a lesson one week, will I be able to make it up?
A: With this online class, you are able to work at your own pace. You must view the videos and other materials for the current lesson each week. Remember, you can access the lessons from anywhere you have a fast Internet connection. Lessons will not be reposted for later student review.

In some cases, we may leave a lesson available for longer than a week.

Q: What if I have trouble understanding a demonstration and cannot make the block?
A: You can work directly with me in three ways: 1) send me an email explaining your question about the block 2) visit with me during our weekly student chat and seek help there 3) post a comment online for that lesson and either a knowledgable student or I will answer your question.

Q: I'm not very good at technical things. How much about the computer must I know before taking this class?
A: If you browse the Internet already, you have the skills you need. You will need to be able to enter a login name and a password to access the lesson materials. That's it!



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